Monsters try to kill you by taking energy from you by:

  • Touching the dwarf directly
  • Hitting the dwarf with a long distance attack
  • Hitting the dwarf with an area attack

Different monsters:

Name First encounter Damage
Spiders Level 1 5
Mummies Level 13 10
Fire mummies Level 28 10
Mosquitos Level 25 10
Bombarding mosquitos Level 42 10
Ghost mosquitos Level 62 10
Armadillos Level 37 10
Rockadillos Level 44 10
Stone Golems (Regular) Level 73 10
Stone Golems (Lava) Level 82 10
Stone Golems (Radioactive) Level 92 10
Mimic Chests (Aggressive) Level 25 10
Mimic Chests (Scared) Level 77 10


Spiders are very slow and keep walking the same path and turn around when their path ends. You can also see a spawn portal, which disappears when you trap the spider.



Mummies are slow and can only damage you if they manage to touch you.


Fire mummies:

Fire mummies can hit you with long distance attacks, but also by touching you, which means they can cause damage several times.

Fire mummy


Mosquitos are very fast, but can only damage you by touching you. They can fly over chasms though.


Bombard mosquitos:

These red mosquitos explode 1 second after reaching the dwarve and will do damage on an area of 13 bricks (see table for explosion range, M being the mosquito, x being the explosion range).

Bombard mosquito
x x x
x x M x x
x x x

Ghost mosquitos:

Ghost mosquitos are extremely slow, but they can fly through walls. Although they are called ghosts, you can still trap them.

Ghost Bug


Armadillos can dig under walls to reach you. You can use their tunnels afterwards.



Rockadillos will leave a stone behind, which can cause an obstruction in your path. The stone can however be picked up with Mighty Gloves and used on pressure pads to open doors.


Stone Golems:

The rock with extra lines will turn into a stone golem. They are very slow, but they can surprise you. In the lava zone and the radioactive zone, Stone Golems look different, but are of no difference.

Stone golem2
Stone Golem

Lava golem

Radioactive golem

Mimic Chest (agressive):

Agressive chests will appear like slightly larger silver chest, but as soon as you try to open them, they turn into a monster. After trapping the chest, you gain 5 energy and you will be able to loot it.


Mimic chest (scared):

Scared chests will move away from the dwarf, avoiding being captured. When closed in, they will actually dig away towards safety (though not leaving behind a tunnel for the dwarf). You will have to place traps strategically to catch the chest. If you attempt to catch it, by clicking on the chest, you will take damage and you will destroy the chest. After trapping the chest, you gain 5 energy and you will be able to loot it.

Scared chest