The game currently contains 100 different levels and will gain more in the future. To reach a next level, the challenge of the previous level needs to be completed. You can choose to obtain the two hidden gold chests to complete the level with three stars. This is of no additional value however. You can see which levels you've completed and with how many stars. You can also look at what level your friends are (see level 35), if they have connected to Facebook. The table shows the name and challenge of each level. In total, there are 32 dwarves to be saved, 34 levels to collect gold, 8 special chests to be found and 26 levels to catch monsters.

Level Name Challenge
1 Start Digging Dwarf (Ruby)
2 Energize Dwarf
3 It's a Blast Dwarf (Tharbin Ironweaver)
4 Golden Opportunity Gold
5 A Proximation Chest (Proximator)
6 Getting Warmer Dwarf
7 One Way to Find Out Chest (Torch)
8 Torch and Go Dwarf (Brandy Greengold)
9 The Midas Torch Gold
10 Boom Time Bonanza Gold
11 On Shaky Ground Dwarf (Stability Introduced)
12 Miner Difficulties Gold
13 So Close Yet So Far Dwarf (Riley Grimlock)
14 Mummy Surprise Gold
15 You Would Be Right Chest (Monster Trap)
16 It's a Trap Monsters
17 Full of Spiders Monsters
18 Just Deserts Dwarf (Onyx Shadowbreaker)
19 Mummy May I Gold
20 Behind Door Number Mummy Dwarf (Duncan Ironweaver)
21 Switch it Up Chest (Mystic Compass)
22 Cell Block M Monsters
23 The Path to Success Gold
24 Encompassed by Resources Dwarf (Cedrik Stonefist)
25 Om Nom Nom Nom Monsters (Chest Mimics, Mosquitos)
26 The Road to Riches Gold
27 Mummies Just Want to Hug Monsters (Fire Mummies, technically in Level 28)
28 A Pillar Plight Gold
29 Every Which Way Chest (Mighty Glove)
30 Can You Pick This Up Dwarf (Gruffon Forgehunter)
31 The Mother Lode Gold
32 The Key to Victory Monsters (Fire Mummies)
33 Hidden Prospects Gold
34 Timing is Everything Dwarf (Corbyn Deepsmith)
35 Trapped in a Maze Monsters
36 Treasure Troves Gold
37 Dig Too Deep Monsters (Armordillos)
38 Pockets of Pain Chest (Tunneling Shovel)
39 Can You Dig It Dwarf
40 Under and Ore Gold
41 Te Amo Mi Armordillo Monsters (Bombarding Mosquitos, technically in Level 42)
42 Bombs Suddenly Appear Gold
43 To Bomb or Not to Bomb Dwarf (Lara Grimlock)
44 Don't Get Boxed In Monsters (Rockadillos)
45 Golden Ore-asis Gold
46 Cavernous Perils Dwarf (Finneas Forgehunter)
47 Waste Not Explode Note Monsters
48 Watch Your Step Dwarf (Mortimer Deepsmith)
49 Mine! Mine! Mine! Gold
50 Behind Closed Doors Dwarf (Brodie Stonefist)
51 Mummies in Your Closet Monsters
52 Boulder Express Chest (Bridge Kit)
53 Building Bridges Gold
54 Chasm Shmasm Dwarf (Quaid Deepsmith)
55 Targeted for Trapping Monsters
56 Nowhere Unless Ore There Gold
57 Gold in Them There Corners Gold
58 A Boulder So Big Dwarf (Jett Shadowbreaker)
59 No Mummy No Problems Monsters
60 Ore... What is it Good For Gold
61 Ice to Meet You Dwarf (Mandy Stonefist)
62 Stay Cool Monsters (Ghost Mosquitos)
63 Earth-Shattering Kaboom Gold (Crates of Explosives)
64 Chain Reaction Dwarf (Matilda Forgehunter)
65 Don't Chase Me Bro Monsters
66 Ice Cubes Gold
67 Platform Hopping Dwarf (Benjamin Greengold)
68 Mummies On Ice Monsters
69 Ice Gold Gold
70 Don't Blow It Dwarf (Bobby Greengold)
71 Entombed Monsters
72 Long Bomb Gold
73 A-Rockalypse Gold (Stone Golems - Regular)
74 Hide and Seek Monsters
75 Stone Surprise Gold
76 Hard Rock I'll Get Through Ya Dwarf (Cronan Ironweaver)
77 Scaredy Chest Monsters (Mimic Chests - Scared)
78 Call a Locksmith Gold
79 Arachnophobia Dwarf (Garrit Grimlock)
80 The Chase Monsters
81 Getting Hot In Here Gold
82 Herding Mimics Dwarf (Odran, Stone Golems - Lava)
83 Explodeo Monsters
84 Not-so Magnanimous Magma Gold
85 Can't Stop the Rock Dwarf (Glendon Greengold)
86 Time Is on Your Side Dwarf
87 Tunnel of Lava Gold
88 The Windup Dwarf (somebody Forgehunter)
89 Are You My Mummy Monsters
90 Blast It All Chest (Lucky Strike)
91 Do You Feel Lucky Gold
92 Stonewalled Monsters (Stone Golems - Radioactive)
93 You're Hot Then You're Gold Gold
94 A Stone to Pick With You Dwarf (Murdo Deepsmith)
95 Multicellular Strife Monsters
96 Mine-Maxing Gold
97 You Must Be My Lucky Strike Dwarf (Gildas Forgehunter)
98 All the Trappings Monsters
99 Party Like it's Level 99 Gold
100 A Bridge Too Far Dwarf (Teleri Shadowbreaker)