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Dwarven Den is developed by Backflip Studios and is designed for mobile phones and tablets. The goal is to complete the challenge, given in each level. Each level consists of a unique area with different types of rocks, crystals, treasures and monsters. The dwarve you control has an amount of energy and technology, which can be used to reach your goal. The game requires strategic thinking as you need to complete the challenge, without running out of energy.

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Topic Description


  1. Pickaxes
  2. Helmets
  3. Backpacks

Function of the three types of equipment

Complete equipment overview; Image, name, level, forge prize, sell prize, upgrade prize & special abilities


  1. Energy
  2. Technology
Explanation about crystals, energy and technology


  1. Forging Pickaxes
  2. Forging Helmets
  3. Forging Backpacks
What equipment is needed to forge what items
Monsters All monsters and their abilities
Challenges All four types of challenges
Upgrading Upgrading explanation and costs overview


Explanation of all six chests

Hidden items All four hidden pickaxes
Gold Explanation of gold
Levels A complete overview of all 100 levels
Market Explanation of the market
Guild Explanation of the guild
Doors Different types of doors and way to open them
Stability Explanation about stability, cave-ins and lava
Artwork Artwork by Backflip Studios

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